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The One That Got Away: Miu Miu Plaid

Is there a worse feeling than wanting something so bad and not being able to have it? Especially when it was within your grasp and it came so close to being yours, but you walked away like it meant nothing to you? Maybe you panicked under the pressure. Maybe you thought something better would come along. But nothing did. And now you're left with a sick, empty feeling.

Even though it kind of sounds like it, this is not a story about boys. Who cares about boys? They like football. They play too many video games. They are always saying the dumbest, meanest things followed by: "Did I say something wrong?” I'M SO OVER THEM IN GENERAL. Especially when I care more about the navy and green plaid Miu Miu trousers that I bought and stupidly returned. WHY DID I DO THAT? Guess what? No matter how many times a day I check to see if they’ve randomly surfaced on eBay, those pants are gone and they’re never coming back. They're the ones that got away.

They’re nowhere on the worldwide web. They’re not being sold in any of the 59 local consignment shops. The only way I’ll ever be able to call those pants my own is if I break into Bergdorf Goodman Nixon-style, go through the files to find out who bought them, case that woman’s house and rob her in the middle of the night.

But that's a crazy scheme and I’m not that stealth. Is there any way to avoid this from happening in the future? Because it’s not just the pants. Other items have gotten away. Ones that I’ll never forget.

“Sleep on it” is the advice that everyone gives but just doesn't work. It's dumb because they’ll be gone in the morning. When I’m really not sure if I want to buy something this question seems to help me out: “Is this pair of plaid pants 'me' or are they for the person I kind of want to be and is decidedly not 'me?'”

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try new things, but we’re tackling a very specific issue here—"the one that got away" is usually the type of piece that perfectly matches your signature look. It’s something that even five years from now you’ll still want to wear all the time.

Of course there are things I've kept and later regretted keeping. Sure, that candy-striped sequin Bill Blass shell is pretty cool, but I’ve only worn it twice. It’s not what you would call practical. But then I think of those Miu Miu plaid pants—man, I would wear the heck out of those for the rest of my life if I had them. And they were freaking on sale, too. I blew it.

Good news, though: I did find these Marni geometric print pants on sale at Bergdorf's over the weekend. They’re the same color combo and a similar fit as the missing Miu Mius. They’re pretty special.

What was the one that got away from you? Out with your sad tales.

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