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The Versace x H&M Cruise Collection is Already on Ebay

Versace's second collection for H&M (You know, the one that was only available abroad?) launched online yesterday and—much like that whole Target debacle—promptly crashed the fast fashion label's website. Today, things seem to be running smoothly again and plenty of pieces are still available, which is good news…if you live in the UK. That's where eBay comes in.

Already, we've spotted plenty of pastel and fruit covered cruise wear up for auction. New product is still vastly outnumbered by residual listings from Donatella's last lower-priced line, but that will probably change soon, as people began to receive their orders. Price wise, everything is, of course, marked up— usually for roughly twice the original amount. However, paying double on an inexpensive item you want might be worth it—and way cheaper than booking a flight to England.

Stand outs include this lavender berry covered bikini that retails for 29.99 GBP (approximately $39)—and now costs $77.34—and this printed cardigan that would be 34.99 GPD ($54) and is now $139.22.

If you don't have your eye on one of the collection's most coveted items, there really are deals to be had: some bids for the solid tops start at a mere 99 cents. (Just keep in mind the international shipping factor.)

Do you think the second Versace x H&M collection merits paying so much extra? If so, which styles are you planning to buy?

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