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Eight Travel Bags As Pretty As the Outfits You'll Pack in Them

I obsess over bags. All bags: satchels, totes, clutches, cross-body messenger style ones (yes, I love these). But not luggage. Despite my nitpickiness about pretty much any type of bag ever, I long considered luggage more of a practical thing than a style statement.

But then someone spoiled me with a really nice travel bag for my birthday and I shifted my mindset. It makes packing a little bit more fun—I swear—and makes me feel more put-together whenever I go away for the weekend with friends, visit my boyfriend's parents or bump into someone I know in the airport. Which is usually when I'm on day three of dry-shampooing-only, sporting an aggressive sunburn or lugging the three party size Chex Mixes I plan to eat en route. But at least I have a fancy travel bag to fool people into thinking I'm polished and adult and all that stuff.

Fun, but still totally grown-up.

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