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Alexa Chung is Superga's New Creative Director

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Last year, she served as the face of the 100-year-old European sneaker brand's spring ad campaign. Now, Alexa Chung has been named Superga's new creative director. This means that not only will the British beauty model the colorful kicks in upcoming ads, but she'll also be in charge of styling, art directing and—yes—perhaps even designing footwear for the company.

When you consider the incredible success Alexa's had so far with her two collections for Madewell, the latter of which led to a widespread revival of the palm-tree print, another creative gig like this seems pretty fitting. And as you can see from the below video, shot last year shortly after the 24 Hour Catwalk judge was named Superga's latest muse, Alexa looks pretty cool in the brand's kicks.

Our only lingering question? Just last September, Superga announced they'd named Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen their new creative directors. So...what happened? Did the deal dissolve? Did their contract end? Or the co-creative directors? And most importantly, who would inspire you to pick up a pair of these classic tennis shoes?

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