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This vintage fur hat has been a wardrobe staple of mine since I was 17. The powder blue Marni coat was my mother's and the Dries Van Noten shoes with Lucite heels are like artwork for my feet.


There's nothing like a little white cotton voile in the middle of January to freshen things up. The Rodarte for Opening Ceremony sweater adds a fun and playful element to my look—while still helping to keep me warm.


These are vintage Biba pants from the '70s and the little jacket's an authentic traditional Scottish blazer. Little boys typically wear with it their kilt and sporn.


Nary [Manivong] and I were nominated for the FGI Rising Star Award for our NAHM collection. I wore wide-legged Stella McCartney pants with a carnation pinned on my shrunken tuxedo blazer. I needed to add about 10 inches of height, so I picked some emerald velvet Charlotte Olympia platforms. My wonderful boyfriend Steve came along for support.


On a rainy working Friday, there's nothing better than feeling comfortable and picking something witty—so I wore a dog on my back (I like to call him "Bernard"), along with my wool knit Isabel Marant skirt. Underneath that skirt I have on my Tommy Hilfiger high-heeled duck boots. They're runway samples, so they're two sizes too big...but strangely, they still work.


This printed scarf is actually two yards of fabric I bought off the roll at a fabric store—I love its raw-edged detail. The rest of the outfit is perfect Saturday casual: denim shirt, emerald jeans and a nude Prada bomber jacket. Done and done!


Hanging out at home is no excuse to completely let myself go—I can be totally comfortable while still remaining chic in my NAHM over-layer dress. The cuff is a vintage piece my boyfriend bought me in Turkey. I love his taste.