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Did Jean Paul Gaultier Go Too Far With his Amy Winehouse-Inspired Couture Show?

On Wednesday, Jean Paul Gaultier sent out a couture collection full of '50s rockabilly silhouettes, transparent gowns and luxe takes on the polo dress. Add that to the models' towering beehives and dramatically-winged eyeliner and there was no question that the late singer Amy Winehouse was Gaultier's muse this season.

But between the catwalkers' cigarettes and black veils and the barbershop quartet that sang Winehouse hits during the show, was this tribute tasteful...or did it happen far too soon? The troubled soul songstress passed away from an overdose only six months ago and according to her father Mitch Winehouse, Gaultier's efforts translated as shocking and offensive. While the designer meant for his collection to celebrate the "Rehab" singer's talent and obvious influence on the fashion world, Winehouse's father told WWD that her family had never been notified her image would be used in the show.

We've rounded up some of the more directly Amy-esque looks from the Paris presentation below. Do you think Gaultier crossed the line?

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