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Doo-Ri's Collection for Macy's Has Arrived!

Though CFDA-winning designer Doo-Ri Chung announced she'd be teaming up with the folks at Macy's way back in October, updates regarding the collection's progress have been on relative lockdown ever since. We've finally seen the full lineup—and get excited, because just about everything in the capsule is under $100.

"I've never done a collaboration on this scale before," Doo-Ri told me at today's preview. "And when Macy's approached me, they told me they really wanted me to stick with my own aesthetic. They wanted me to bring what I do to their customers, so I approached the project in the same way I approach my own line."

Unlike many designers who glean inspiration from past decades, Doo-Ri said, "I never like to do retro. I always think women should be modern. So we went with a modern abstract brushstroke print, for example, since I'm always so inspired by art."

Doo.Ri for Impulse at Macy's hits stores on February 15. Until then, flip through our slideshow to start picking pieces—we've even included pricing.

Tee, $39.

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