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Fashion Chat: Stylist Kate Young Talks Celebs, Chanel and "Rocker Wife" Style

Courtesy of INC

Last night, I joined celebrity stylist Kate Young at The Standard in NYC, where she was unveiling her spring campaign for Macy's INC collection. As the line's editor-at-large, Kate styled, cast and art-directed the shoot, which was full of embellished separates and tie-dyed pieces. After walking through the looks, I sat down with the platinum-blond industry whiz to chat about her '60s-minded aesthetic—and, of course, the upcoming Oscars season.

You've worked with some really amazing designers over the years, like Jason Wu and Derek Lam. Besides those guys, what other labels do you find personally inspiring?
I love Isabel Marant and how she's got that rocker-bohemian deal going. I think a lot of the pieces from INC, actually, have that same attitude—and it's fun to play around with. Tie-dyed, slightly embellished T-shirts and dresses look really amazing with fringed boots and hats, worn in a sexy L.A. way. It's very "I'm with the band."

That's totally the vibe your INC girls are channeling tonight.
Yeah...and the same goes for the model we used for the lookbook, Jessica Miller. She actually only dates rock stars—real heavy-metal gods—so I felt like she was the perfect girl for this.

What are some easy pieces that girls wanting to channel that cool, rock-star look should pick up?
Haha—you mean the "rocker wife" look? I really like a good skinny jean for that and a high-heeled pump. Plus some kind of washed-out black or tie-dyed tee, hoop earrings and a big hat.

It's finally Oscars season, and you're dressing Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams—who looked fantastic in Jason Wu at the Globes. Have you mapped out their fashion plan for the Academy Awards yet?
Nominations only just came out! In a week or so, I think I'll know. But for now, I'm just looking at sketches...nothing's come to fruition just yet.

Is there any place in particular you're looking for dressing inspiration for them?
I love Old Hollywood glamour in general, so I've been looking at lots of old fashion history books—especially old Lacroix and Dior ones. And at photos of Slim Keith and Lauren Bacall...those women wore evening gowns to dinner! And they owned their jewelry, wearing it in such a casual way. That feels so modern to me right now, because there's an ease to it all.

Let's talk shopping. What have you picked up recently that you're obsessed with?
I just got a pair of Charlotte Olympia heels that seriously make everything look super cool. And I got this gigantic canvas tote from Chanel, too. I tend to carry around a lot of Polaroids, sketches and lookbooks, and while going from one appointment to the other I like to look through it all in the taxi. That Chanel fits everything, and it's both chic and giant—two things that don't generally go together!

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