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“I spill my makeup a lot, so I like that this is lined in plastic and easy to clean out, plus it's a nice size—it fits all my makeup.”
“A good metallic polish is hard to find because you can see the strokes in it," says Conrad. "This shimmery metallic green is so pretty, almost like a dark neutral.”
“I apply this to my hair in the morning after I get out of the shower," says Conrad. "It smoothes out my hair and keeps it healthy-looking. My hair is actually a little poofy, so I have to blow-dry and curl it. This conditioner protects it from all the styling I do.”
“I've used this liner for years and years and for me, it's the easiest to apply," says Conrad. "The brush helps you make an even line, and it's waterproof, so it doesn't smudge. It’s also the darkest black you can find.”
“I tend to drown in leather motorcycle jackets, but this one's shrunken and perfectly fitted," says Conrad.
“I just started using this on my skin and it's made a really big difference," says Conrad. "I use it as a moisturizer after I exfoliate every night. I slather it on and look like a crazy person! I never had problems with breakouts, but all of a sudden this past year it got crazy. I take evening primrose oil supplements everyday and it’s helped clear out my skin a lot as well.”
“I wore this on a photo shoot and loved it so much I went on hunt to find it," says Conrad. "It took me two years to get it because I wanted it in rose gold and I couldn't find it in my size. Rings are the only nice jewelry that I buy myself—the rest is costume jewelry.”
“I love the extra height that a platform gives me, and these are just about the most comfortable ones I own," says Conrad.
“I bought a pair of Chanel booties last winter and they had a chain detail on them, which looked a lot like my everyday Chanel bag at the time, so I needed to get a different bag," says Conrad. "Bags are really investment pieces for me. I don't usually go trendy with my bags, but instead stick to shades like black and brown. Every once in a while I'll get a bag in a fun pop color to wear at night with a simple outfit.”
“I mix two colors, Red Square and an orangey red," says Conrad.
“I got this dress four years ago," says Conrad. "I had it tailored to fit me, I've worn it over the years and I'm not a big repeater. It’s my little black dress. I've worn it with tights, booties, with nice heels, dressed up, dressed down."
“I love the camera on this phone," says Conrad. "I always like having a camera on me, because I take a lot of pictures.”
Blue Avocado xo(eco) Cool Curl Iron Cover
"I love the hot iron cover," says Conrad. "For someone who is always getting ready in hotel rooms and running out the door, this bag is amazing. I can curl my hair and put the hot iron right into the case and run to the airport. No more wrapping the iron in a million towels or waiting 20 minutes for it to cool. The hot iron cover can withstand 500 degrees of heat."