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Lindsay Lohan's Comeback: Could Her New Fashion Campaign and Possible Turn as Elizabeth Taylor Save Her Career?

Confession time: Mean Girls and The Parent Trap are two of our all-time favorite flicks. We may or may not have also purchased Lindsay Lohan's 2004 debut album Speak and own an old VHS copy of Life-Size, that weird movie she did with Tyra Banks back in the '90s. Put plainly, we've been rooting for the 25-year-old star over the past few years as she's juggled DUIs, court dates and brief stints in rehab.

So when our friends at Fashionista posted these images of German designer Philipp Plein's spring campaign—for which LiLo served as his muse—we had to check them out. Sure, Lohan looks a little abnormally stiff in some of the shots and her platinum-bleached hair could probably use a nice conditioning rinse...but still, that pursed pout and pinup pose are vintage Lohan.

Couple this gig with Entertainment Weekly's report that the once-redheaded actress is in talks to play the late Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime film Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, and the whole thing smacks of a possible comeback. And short of an actual Freaky Friday-style swaperoo involving Lindsay as a 17-year-old and her present self, that's probably the best we can hope for at this point.

Check out the complete Philipp Plein campaign below, and let us know: would you like to see more of Lohan in both magazines and onscreen?

"U-S-A! U-S-A!"

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