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Digital Fashion Editor Ray Siegel in her "Hava Nagila" finest.

Digital Fashion News Editor Elana Fishman in a Jessica McClintock gown (plus matching wrap) that, at the time, seemed like a very chic choice. Oy vey.

Senior Digital Producer Karen Wilson in her Jessica McClintock ceremony outfit (at left), complete with artfully-sprayed bangs. The previous evening, she wore a Blossom-inspired sunflower-themed ensemble (at right) that included palazzo-pant overalls.

Copy Chief Steven Pearl takes a twirl on the dance floor.

Lucky Breaks Editor Sally Lynch mingles with the fam. Just add Sister Sledge's "We Are Family," and let the candle-lighting ceremony begin.

Stylist Lauren Edelstein with her artsy sign-in board.

Photo Research Associate Emily Shornick, ready to show that Torah who's boss.