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His Spring 2012 debut collection may have gotten heavy criticism, but Kanye really put his heart and soul—not to mention his own cash—into those clothes.

Kanye's pretty stealth. He worked undercover at Fendi's flagship offices, helping shape the house's menswear collection. Versace tried to get in on his creative genius, but because of Yeezy's existing partnership with Vuitton, he couldn't accept any of their offers.

Kanye designed shoes for Giuseppe Zanotti while still under contact at Vuitton...which perhaps explains why he wasn't asked to do a second capsule for the latter brand. Don't shed too many tears, though...he's still got a lucrative Nike deal.

Meeting legendary designer Azzedine Alaïa made Kanye smile. A lot. :)))

Here's where things get interesting. Seems Kanye's always had a taste for the finer things in life. Perhaps he inherited that from his late mother Donda, who used to channel Bill Cosby in crazy patterned knitwear.

Wait. As far as we know, no Jetsons reboot has gotten the green light. But Kanye seems to think he's signed on as the film's creative director. He does, after all, have ideas.

Sounds like Ye's still torn up about Taylor Swift's 2009 VMA win. You know, the Best Female Video honor that led him to storm the stage and take over the mike during Swift's acceptance speech.

Just in case you were still wondering, this is a stream-of-consciousness affair.

Kanye's unveils his latest project: an organization of creative thinkers united in a common space. The name of his new enterprise? DONDA, in honor of his mom.

West considers the glass half-full. And asks us to excuse his many, many typos and grammatical errors.

The rapper lays out a plan for a "semi sci-fi" multimedia project called 2016 well as a top-to-bottom reboot of the MTV Awards. Again, this probably has to do with that whole Taylor Swift fiasco. Aw, Kanye...can't we all be friends and move on?

Yeezy cares about the youth of our nation, too. Together with Spike Jonze, he wants to create a summer school that teaches life lessons. Because calculus and English literature aren't all that useful in the real world, y'know?

He may have once rapped about gold-digging ladies, but Kanye's really a (relative) penny-pincher! He'd rather sink his hard-earned dollars into the creative realm than spend on tangible luxuries.