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My Beautiful Dark Twitter Fantasy: Kanye Unleashes a Fashion-Centric Twitter Tirade

Late last night, rapper/designer (and potential Londoner) Kanye West took to Twitter to offer some thoughts about the style industry, education system and notion of creativity in general.

Over the course of three hours, he shared a whopping 84 mini-rants and informational tidbits, all under 140 characters. And while Kanye's tweets began innocently enough, it sounds like the music mogul's got some epic plans in the pipeline—from a 22-division think tank to, um, a complete redesign of the MTV Awards. We've collected the best bits of the rapper's stream-of-consciousness cyber-rant in the slideshow below, along with some handy footnotes. After all, not everyone's that well-versed in Yeezy-speak. What do you make of Kanye's rambling thoughts?

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