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Shop It Out: Downton Abbey


The week in between Christmas and New Year's tends to be slow news-wise, but there's one prominent story I did notice over winter break: my friends, family and most of those I follow on Twitter all hopelessly hooked on Downton Abbey.

My own obsession with the British PBS Masterpiece Classics series began back in September, when it snagged a total of four Emmys. And with its fantastic cast (Dame Maggie Smith, anyone?), hierarchical upstairs-downstairs dynamic and intriguing love triangles, Downton's downright addicting.

The show's second series has already wrapped up in the UK, but will begin airing stateside this Sunday at 9 pm on PBS. And to celebrate the return of the Grantham fam, we rounded up a selection of pieces inspired by the beautiful Edwardian (and, later, Jazz Age) ensembles they favor.

The ultimate flapper frock for anyone who dreams of joining the Grantham/Crawley clan.

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