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Shop It Out: Downton Abbey


The week in between Christmas and New Year's tends to be slow news-wise, but there's one prominent story I did notice over winter break: my friends, family and most of those I follow on Twitter all hopelessly hooked on Downton Abbey.

My own obsession with the British PBS Masterpiece Classics series began back in September, when it snagged a total of four Emmys. And with its fantastic cast (Dame Maggie Smith, anyone?), hierarchical upstairs-downstairs dynamic and intriguing love triangles, Downton's downright addicting.

The show's second series has already wrapped up in the UK, but will begin airing stateside this Sunday at 9 pm on PBS. And to celebrate the return of the Grantham fam, we rounded up a selection of pieces inspired by the beautiful Edwardian (and, later, Jazz Age) ensembles they favor.

We think even spunky feminist sister Lady Sybil, who favors harem pants over traditional skirts, would approve of this draped number.

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