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Brad wore no fewer than three styles of stacked-sole creepers on his show's premiere. Seriously.

Goreski's horn-rimmed specs are his signature.

The L.A.-based stylist never looks less than perfectly buttoned-up.

Finally, us girls can get in on that bowtie action, too.

We have zero doubt that Brad pens his thank-yous on these cards, from the company at which he recently landed an exclusive contract.

Leopard? Check. Oversized bow? Check. This top has Brad's name written all over it.

These classic tortoiseshell frames are the picture of collegiate cool.

Brings new meaning to the term "twinkle toes."

Goreski would surely approve of these cropped plaid pants from our favorite preppy retailer.

Put a bow—or three—on it.

Brad's dearly devoted to his canine companions Jasper and Penelope. Either pup would look dapper in this charmed collar.

We spied Brad toting a similar satchel all over New York Fashion Week last season.

Let's not beat around the bush: Brad's big on the waterworks. With these stylish printed tissues, he'll never be caught off-guard during an unexpectedly emotional moment.