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There's Nothing Shameful About How Hot Emmy Rossum Is

Emmy Rossum's character Fiona Gallagher on the Showtime series, Shameless, is SO HOT. That's obvious. But I might be the only one that's really into her super trashy look. Hear me out, though: This chick is raising a hundred kids, has five jobs and always has the hottest guys chasing after her. She just looks very REAL and I think that's really beautiful. She's got this delightfully tacky “I don’t care what I look like AT ALL” look going on. Would you care if you were busy raising like, 15, of your drunk father's kids? Click through to get her look.

Billabong Shorts

If it's the dead of summer, you're sans AC and you’re running a local daycare center out of your living room—you’ll probably want to run around in as little as possible. Fiona Gallagher wears the ’70s jogger short really well.

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