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Watch Right Now: Burberry's the Most Popular Luxury Label on Facebook

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Christopher Bailey, always a hit with the ladies.

If the fashion world hosted a popularity contest—as if it's not built on the concept of competition already—who would come out on top? With over 10 million Facebook followers, it seems that British house Burberry is unstoppable when it comes to social media. The brand known for its signature plaid is officially the most-liked luxury label on Facebook—only Victoria's Secret has more fans (16,392,731 to be precise). Trailing Burberry's total with nearly nine million fans is high street mainstay H&M, followed by Dior and Gucci.

To celebrate the cyber-milestone, Burberry's shared a multimedia thank-you greeting on both their Facebook page and YouTube. Unfortunately, the house's chief creative officer (and our own shameless designer crush) Christopher Bailey doesn't make an onscreen cameo in the clip, but a flurry of trench-coated Mary Poppins types do. Check it out below.

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