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Watch Right Now: Karl Lagerfeld Interviews Himself for Net-a-Porter

In between planning pop-up shops, "Karlifying" his fans and sponsoring promotional contests, Karl Lagerfeld's certainly been busy prepping for the launch of his new Net-a-Porter collection. But now that the complete KARL collection has been unveiled, we're thinking the Kaiser might be in need of a little meditative reflection. How else can one possibly explain this new video of Karl interviewing, well, himself for Net-a-Porter TV?

From the dubstep-soundtracked intro to the somewhat catty finale (note to self: never ask Lagerfeld if he's "easily bored"), the whole clip's pretty funny—though unfortunately, there's no cameo from Choupette. I took a particular shine to Interviewer Karl, who's full of witty gems like:

"We should have come together—then you would have been on time."


"What would you take on a desert island? I'd prefer not to go there, but...that's not my problem."

Watch the whole thing below. And beware: even those pitch-black sunglasses might not be enough to shield you from Interviewer Karl's withering glares.

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