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Watch Right Now: Rachel Bilson Raps About Hart of Dixie, Crazy Critics and Mischa Barton

Who knew the small-screen star, style muse and footwear designer could spit rhymes with the best of them? In "Call Me Doctor," a new video for Funny or Die, Rachel Bilson tries her hand at gangsta rap wearing a tinfoil grill, iced-out medallion and Dolce & Gabbana lab coat that Zoe Hart (the doc she plays in Hart of Dixie) would adore.

The entire clip is hysterical, with highlights including her digs at both former O.C. co-star Mischa Barton and fellow part-time rapper Natalie Portman—while wearing full Black Swan eye makeup, no less. Her November 2009 Lucky cover even makes a cameo appearance!

The video contains some pretty strong language that makes it NSFW, so plug in those headphones and enjoy.

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