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Welcome to the World, Blue Ivy Carter! We Pick Out 'Babyoncé's' Fantasy Wardrobe

After months of anticipation, Beyoncé and Jay-Z finally welcomed their first daughter on Saturday evening. And appropriately enough, Blue Ivy Carter's already making headlines: first with the initial confusion regarding her proper name, then with the significance of that chosen moniker.

A combination of her father's favorite color and a play on the Roman numeral "IV" (Beyoncé's birthday is Sept. 4, Jay-Z's is Dec. 4, and the pair were married on April 4, 2008), Blue Ivy's name is just as unique as we'd expect from her lyrically-gifted parents. Although photos of the A-list infant have yet to surface, we've already started shopping for her. Any baby who calls Beyoncé her mom (and Solange her aunt), after all, has some very stylish shoes to fill. Read on to see the pieces we'd love to see stocked in little Blue Ivy's nursery.

A wee snowsuit to perfectly match Mommy's swimsuit.

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