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Merry First Christmas

The Obamas at the Christmas in Washington taping at the National Building Museum.

Pink First Lady and Bill

The Clintons! Love that coat.

Kennedy Family Portrait

Perhaps the most stylish first family.

Party Time

LBJ's inagural ball.

First Wedding

The wedding of first daugher Lynda Johnson and Chuck Robb.

Hang Ten

Nancy and Ronald Reagan enjoying some time on the beach. Nice shirt!

First Snow

John F. Kennedy and daughter Caroline taking a stroll on the lawn.

Receiving Line

Jacqueline Kennedy greeting guests at the White House. One of these people has good style, the other, "unique."

Unified Front

Let's get down and celebrate the unification of Italy!

Lady Bird in the Wild

First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson touring the wilderness in Oregon.

Right This Way

Ethel Kennedy and some VIPs getting the tour of the White House.

Go Greek

Ain't no party like a Greek Embassy party, yo!

Goin' for a Drive

Who needs Air Force One? LBJ has an amphibious convertible.

The Original Cowboy President

Cold war? No problem, let me just rope in this cattle.


LBJ getting ready to walk his daughter down the aisle.

Date Night!

Just your usual double date night with King Hussein and Queen Noor.

Supermodels in the White House

The gang's all here! President Reagan and wife Nancy posing for photo with Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs and Brooke Shields at Bob Hope's 80th birthday tribute at Kennedy Center. Whoop!

Sweet Coats!

President Reagan, in a sick fur collar coat with President Vigdis Finnbogadottir of Iceland during his trip to Iceland for Reykjavik Summit. Classic Iceland.

Nice Shirt

LBJ dancing with Imelda Marcos.       

Good Tidings to You, Meryl

Right after this they all came to my house and we drank eggnog.

Walk in the Garden

Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth II and the Reagans. What fun!

Family Portrait

So much Reagan plaid goodness.   

Fix Your Tie

"We just signed the clean air act, will you fix your dang tie?"       

Hail to the Snowman

Caroline whips up quite a snowman.

OMG Shoes

Reagan really liked riding boots, apparently.   

Get Lei'd

On a trip to Indonesia, you can't not get lei'd.

The Grimaldis Have Arrived!

There's a lot of style happening here.

Sup, Boo? I like that Wu.

We're moving into a new house!

Cowboy LBJ, part II

LBJ loved him some cowboy steez when he was on the ranch.

Annie Hall in the White House

Nancy Reagan, Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. The magic.

Sup, Your Majesty

Michelle Obama shaking Queen Elizabeth II's hand. Fairly certain she is the first person in the world to do that. Blazing trails as usual.           

Air Force One Swag

The Kennedys arriving at Andrews Air Force Base in Florida.

A Little Chit Chat

Nancy Reagan and Elizabeth Taylor are having a great time during a dinner for Crown Prince Akihito of Japan. You know, typical.

Ronald Reagan's Publicity Photo


Transit Style

The Tunisians are in town!

LBJ Cowboy Style III


A Kodak Moment

Lady Bird and Lyndon on the campaign trail.

Dacning with the Stars

John Travolta and Lady Diana Spencer dancing at the White House with Ronald and Nancy Reagan in the background.

Vanessa is in Town

The Reagans greet Vanessa Williams.


Nancy and Ronald Reagan touring the grounds of Versailles.

Cool pants.

Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II on horseback at Windsor Castle.

So '90s

Bill and Hill, style for terms.


That's bright.

Great Minds

They're thinking alike, but what about?       

Out Loud

Etta James belting out a tune at the White House.

Tux Out

Pre-presidential Reagan Style at the 1971 Governor's Ball in Sacramento.

Did She Ever Get It Wrong?

Throwing a shindig for the Japanese Embassy.

Blast Off!

The Kennedys watching the space shuttle launch.

Mobama Don't Care

Cool, calm and collected. The Obamas.

Healthy Hearts

The First Lady entertains some of the American Heart Association volunteers.