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Something about this just feels so '90s awesome, like it should have a matching oversize windbreaker too.

Plum perfect.

This canvas tote is so much better than your average nylon gym bag.

When you're trying to show off your six pack and perfect legs in a just a sports bra and spandex shorts, carrying an iPod can get SO annoying. Problem solved.

Happy Feet.

A classic—why mess with perfection?

If this sexy little suit gives you the urge to reenact Baywatch while entering the lap pool, we understand.

Not just for workouts—these little gadgets are good for everyday use too.

Why stick to neutrals?

Looks like a baseball tee, but the fleece makes it an extra warm and cozy post-workout topper.

If you really can't kick that dress habit, even at the gym, try this option. It's feminine but not over-the-top.

Because lately, we're kind of obsessed with all things mint green.

Totally rad and tubular.

Go all the way with shiny leggings—choose a color that's off the beaten path.

We'd find a way to work these cropped sweats into an errand-friendly weekend outfit too.

The quintessential teeny tiny gym shorts.

Much prettier than your childhood Speedo.

Classic, streamlined standbys.

We think yoga mats should be cheerful.

That neckline will keep you toasty on outdoor runs.

This sports bra is cool enough to try a sports-bra-only, no T-shirt workout. (Maybe.)

For the girl who likes her workout pants a little looser, this pair's perfect: not too fitted, not too baggy.

Keeps track of your workouts—and looks like a cool chunky menswear watch too.

Girly and preppy with a fun Flashdance vibe.

This tank was inspired by designer Jeremy Scott's starry prints. (Really.)

It's almost too pretty to be a sports bra, right?

This teeny pedometer and workout tracker syncs with your iPod. So, basically, it's pretty much the only running buddy you'll ever need.

So retro. So good.

Throw it over your tank, sweatshirt or T-shirt and BAM: you're instantly 1,000 percent safer from cars and bikers.

Reminds us of a Proenza Schouler skirt from seasons past that we would've killed to own. (No, but seriously.)

For the girly girl with an aversion to baggy tanks.

The double layer detail is a nice touch.

Pick a color and count on tastier water for life with these self-filtering bottles.

The compression material gives them a Spanx-like effect.

Stay safe on solo runs with this ID band.

It's sort of punk, in a really good way.

Paging Jessie Spano!

That boyshort length and bright color makes them surfer girl cool.

This giant water jug holds waaay more than those trendy designer bottles.

Use these to tame unruly wisps of hair.

Because people with D-cups like to run too.

A hidden zip pocket in the back stashes keys, a little cash and maybe a (healthful!) snack for later.

Versatile enough to use in your daily wardrobe too.

No matter what workout music they play, these headphones will stay in your ears—and comfortably at that.

Wear with a neon sports bra. (Peeking out the top, obvis.)

For days with weird, unpredictable weather.

The white foldover waistband prevents these pants from uncomfortably cutting in. Oh yeah, and it looks pretty too.

Gets you noticed, you know, without looking like you're trying to get noticed.

A great layering piece for real life, too.

No such thing as too much neon.