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Backstage At Marc by Marc Jacobs

"It's not even cold today and you're wearing a hat," Dick Page, Shiseido's artistic director, said to me backstage at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. "It's more of a bad hair day thing than a trying to stay warm thing," I replied. "I've never had a good hair day, so I wouldn't know," he shot back. I always love talking to Dick Page, because he knows his stuff. (Even when he's poking fun at me.)

The makeup at Marc: a pale face, light on the mascara with a red lip. Classic. And it's all by Shiseido—the products used in the show are launching in August. Dick gave me his always expert synopsis on the show's look: "It's a little bit flat and '80s. Flat red. Creamy skin. Pretty face. Nothing in the way. No overriding concept. It's hard to say without the clothes." Good point.

Next up was some serious nail talk with my kind of lady, color expert Elisa Ferri. She's been working with Marc for over 15 years, helping him choose the perfect colors:

"You know that Marc Jacobs is amazing and the people that wear his clothes have a point of view," she said. "They don't randomly get dressed. When we do the test he's very hands on. This year he wanted a veil of color—a hint of innocence—but he still wanted the girls to be perfectly groomed. He chose Zoya's Adele, which is creamy. It's not a flat white. It's flattering. It's easy to wear and no shiny top coat. He doesn't like a shiny nail."

Elisa gives Marc a choice between 8 to 12 Zoya nail polish colors. There's over 300 colors in the palette, but Elisa narrows it down. The girls get dressed and they test four or five different nail color options.

I asked if Marc chooses colors based on the names. "He doesn't even know the names. He has the most amazing eye for color. Even the slightest nuance, he'll say, 'that's a little too yellow. That one has too much lavender in it.' He knows instinctively what he wants." AMAZING. "It takes the guesswork out for me. He tells me what he wants and I'm only too happy to please him."

If there's one thing that's clear, it's that everyone involved in a Marc Jacobs show knows exactly what they are doing. They're the absolute best in beauty.

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