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Backstage at Narciso Rodriguez

I came prepared for my second chat in one day with the artistic director of Shiseido, Dick Page. The best thing about Dick is he tells me everything—from the types of colors he uses and why, to how the makeup team works along with the story that is the collection:

"The collection is the inspiration," he said. "Sometimes makeup and hair meetings can be torture, but this was really fun somehow. The collection is really strong and the colors are really strong. Narciso and I have a pissing contest about the colors and dyes he is working with and I show him the colors that I've been working with. We came up with three different lip colors and two different eye variations and used them all because they all looked great. The lip colors (Shiseido's Drama, Blaze and Savage) are coming out in August. The eye colors are old colors from 2000. There's a chartruese and a dirty orange color. There's scratchy black eyeliner on top and bottom. They're painted on really thick. The skin is very pure and pretty. Nothing on the mouth. The contrast is the lips, which are very painted and lady. We have a punk and a lady and they're both in the same show. They're both in captivity."

Next up is nail guru, Deborah Lippmann, who had to deal with slight change of plans in the nail department:

"The Narciso woman's hands are very finished," explained. "She's wearing Fashion, which is an opaque beige. He wanted the color to be full coverage. We're using a super shiny top coat. The nails are meant to look like an extension of the skin. Then I got a call last night around 10 saying that the models will be wearing gloves down the runway, but we think her nails should be finished underneath. I said, 'You are Narciso. And your woman should be finished underneath. Absolutely.' Because she's wearing gloves on the runway, but she's going to go to dinner. And she's going to take her gloves off. I know what they're nails look like by Tuesday at this time of night! I want them to be Narciso perfect!"

And before ya know it: It's show time.

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