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Banana Republic Just Did a Runway Show for the Mad Men Collection on a Flying Airplane

Courtesy of Banana Republic's Twitter

We already shared a sneak peek of Banana Republic's second Mad Men collection, which hits stores and their website tomorrow. But, rudely, we didn't include what the pieces look like at 35,000 feet.

For that, we can turn to Banana Republic's Twitter and Instagram, where they're posting pictures of a runway show they staged this morning—on a moving airplane, at maxmim altitude, with actual passengers on board. (Thanks, Fashionista, for the tip.)

We're not sure how TSA feels about it, whether the seat belt sign was off the entire time or, more importantly, why no one's planned a Pan Am/Mad Men crossover event yet. They could serve so many dirty martinis in so many different places.

But we do think it was a pretty clever gimmick. Even if we weren't obsessed with the collection (which we are, obviously), we'd still run to the computer to check out the scene and the spectators.

See it here and shop the looks on their website tomorrow. And in the meantime, 10 points for whoever can best caption the thoughts of that woman in the bottom right hand corner.

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