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Best Colors for Your Skin Tone—Swimwear

The following is a guest post from out friends at The Budget Fashionista.

We acknowledge that after having read the title of this post, you may still be cringing. For most of us, the last thing we want to even begin thinking about right now is putting on a swimsuit.

Maybe you’re still beating a hasty retreat to the gym to work off the last of the holidays. Maybe your skin is so dry it’s flaking off. Or maybe it’s just so darn cold where you live that you have a challenging enough time trying to stay warm while changing out of your jammies in the morning.

No matter what the reason, we sympathize. So, consider this a wee seed that we’re offering for future reference. Read it, bookmark it, and read it again in a few months.

The Right Swimwear Color for Your Skin Tone

Deep breath, hold your nose, and jump!

If you have… light brown or blond hair with medium-light skin, go for deep reds and earth tones. Avoid suits in black or dark grey.

1. Ruby red bikini, $69.83 from ASOS

2. Green trimmed bikini, $62 from YOOX

There, that wasn’t so terrible, was it? While bathing suit shopping may be low on your Favorite Things To Do list, at least we can all agree on one thing: summer is an absolutely lovely time of year and if you have a swimsuit that makes you feel like a million bucks, the season will be that much more enjoyable. Five months and counting…


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