Best Dresses for Your Body

If you're small-chested...

...choose a ruffled or tiered neckline. The extra fabric will add a cup size. (Or something like that. It's not an exact science.)

Digital Fashion Writer

Most stores organize dresses by silhouette (long sleeve, knee length, strapless) or occasion (cocktail, casual, the not-always-true "day to night" category). But cataloguing dresses based on the body type they flatter—while it would probably be the most helpful method—doesn't seem to exist. We find this frustrating, and imagine we're not alone. (Unless people actually like the experience of ogling an amazingly wonderful dress, only to register that it just won't suit their shape?)

Click through the slideshow above to find the best dress for YOU. They'll look as great on your body as they do on the rack, whether you're boyish, curvy, top-heavy, petite, whatever: