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Buy This Now: Suno's Spring Collection

Courtesy of Suno

I freaked out over Suno's sneaker line and am currently cutting back my Seamless Web-ing to offset an inevitable purchase of their fall collection's final skirt. So as a (very) outspoken fan of Suno's print-heavy aesthetic, I'm happy to hear their spring collection is finally available to buy.

Well, kind of happy. Since designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty are such print-mixing experts, I want way more than a single top or skirt. I want the whole mashed-up collection. Which could be a little dangerous for my wallet.

Click through the slideshow below to peep some favorites, and shop the full collection here. (Then check out these 100 cheap but awesome spring finds. It's my "I'm sorry I made you want all this nice Suno stuff" peace offering.)

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