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Celebrity Style Deconstructed—Taylor Swift

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Budget Fashionista.

Twenty-two year old Taylor Swift has been through quite a lot in a short time. She is already an accomplished guitar player and singer-songwriter, she has won multitudes of awards and has many mettled albums (gold, platinum, etc…), and most recently, she graced the cover of Vogue looking undeniably gorgeous.

A current resident of Nashville, Tennessee, Taylor has a style that’s all her own. Equal parts girly and bohemian with just enough modern country glamour, her style is easily imitable. Unless you’re not a fan of the dress. Cause Taylor Swift has most certainly pledged her allegiance to the most feminine piece of them all, while still managing to keep her look fresh and evolving. Not only does this Cover Girl spokesperson have an ear for a mighty fine tune, she also has a keen eye for style.

A-Line Dresses

Taylor is tall. And she knows just what suits her slender frame and long legs: A-line dresses. She has worn this style many times over and always looks elegant and, most importantly, comfortable.

We mean comfortable as in confident and completely at ease. The cut certainly does suit her and with these fab frocks comes an added bonus for the self-admittedly girly girl: the undeniable femininity of a pleated skirt. Click through to shop the look.

Fairchild Archive

To have so much couture composure at such a young age is a joy to see. And we have a feeling, no matter how her style evolves, it will always be unique, charming, lovely and totally Taylor.

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