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A-Line Dresses

Taylor is tall. And she knows just what suits her slender frame and long legs: A-line dresses. She has worn this style many times over and always looks elegant and, most importantly, comfortable.
We mean comfortable as in confident and completely at ease. The cut certainly does suit her and with these fab frocks comes an added bonus for the self-admittedly girly girl: the undeniable femininity of a pleated skirt. Click through to shop the look.

1. Cap sleeve dress $59.99 (down from $119.90) from Mango
2. BB Dakota pleated dress $68 from Shopbop

3. Day dress with ¾ sleeves $88 from Bloomingdale’s

4. Mint sleeveless dress $59.90 from Zara


We can’t think of any other celeb who’s worn red on the red carpet as often as Taylor. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! She may stick to the same color palette, but she is wise enough to keep the silhouette constantly changing: strapless gowns, a fifties style cocktail dress, a one-shoulder sheath, maxi, midi or mini length.
This power color brings out Taylor’s beautiful skin and light eyes. Taylor certainly looks stunning in red, and what color could be more appropriate for this self-professed lover of love? Click through to shop the look.

1. Strapless red dress $69.99 (down from $215) from J.Crew
2. One shoulder red dress $49.99 from Modcloth

3. Midi length dress $89.53 from ASOS

Peep Toe Pumps

Sling-back, strappy or straight up pump, Taylor is a big fan of a good peep-toe. And it’s no surprise she would gravitate to this classic style. It’s well in line with her feminine style aesthetic. Ever since the late forties, the early days of the peep-toe, it has been a lady-like way to add some oomph to your look, without making any kind of loud or overt statement.
Peep-toe pumps are classic and feminine with just a touch of whimsy. If you think about it, they are kind of the perfect shoe to complement Taylor’s overall style choices. Click through to shop the look.

1. Black and white peep-toe pumps $44 from
2. Peep-toe patent pumps $49.99 (down from $120) from Banana Republic

3. Two-tone pumps $49 (down from $125) from YOOX



We’ve talked about Taylor’s love for the A-line dress and the peep-toe pump, and what feminine wardrobe could be complete without the most feminine pattern of them all: florals.
This is what we love about Taylor’s style; she has such a clear affinity for all things feminine and you can tell by her outfits, she is always true to her self. It is remarkably refreshing to see such fashion fearlessness in someone so young.

On the face of it, her wardrobe choices may not seem that courageous, but her fearlessness is understated and subtle, and is the most lovely illustration of what truly is personal style. Click through to shop the look.

1. Navy dress with flower print $34.94 from Old Navy
2. Floral dress $12.46 from Forever 21

3. Floral print skirt $68 from Nordstrom

4. Flower print scarf $9.50 from Charlotte Russe

The Cat Eye

The final touch to Taylor’s lovely ladylike look is the cat eye drawn so often just above her lash line. Taylor is nothing if not consistent, and what could be more feminine than some liquid liner extending just passed the eye in a playful upwards swish? (in a tie for the top spot would be a ruby red lip, another of Taylor’s favorites).
The secret to re-creating this comely cat eye is to use liquid eyeliner and even though instinct may tell you otherwise, to begin from the outside in, not the other way around. Click through to shop the look.

1. Clinique liquid eyeliner $15 from Lord & Taylor
2. Maybelline Stiletto liquid eyeliner $6.19 from Target