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The Hunger Games

Because what other YA series has a plotline centered around stylists?! Click through to shop the book's look.

Hello, fire dress.

A daytime alternative to aforementioned fire dress.

Effie Trinket would flip for this glittering bootie.

Something sporty (but still super-cute) for running around the arena.

A dead-ringer for Katniss' reaping-day dress, no?

The Baby-Sitters Club

Who's the best-dressed? Claudia or Stacey? Click through to shop the book's look.

Claudia Kishi was hands-down the coolest of the BSC gals (sorry, Stacey fans). With her artistic, slightly out-there taste, she'd totally love Kenzo.

Tomboy Kristy never left home without her trusty, perfectly broken-in sneakers. But wouldn't her favorite Converse look a billion times better jazzed up with CDG's trademark cartoon heart?

Bespectacled Mallory would surely be a supporter of Warby Parker's optical revolution.

This faded denim jacket would certainly appeal to Earth-loving California girl Dawn.

The Saddle Club

Because who doesn't love a horsey outfit? Click through to shop the book's look.

These soft, supple boots look like traditional riding footwear—without taking the whole equestrian thing too literally.

Jodhpurs can be tricky to pull off, but this sleek black pair is versatile enough to wear with just about anything.

The coolest showjumping-inspired jacket ever.

It's a stampede on a tee!


Bella Swan's "everygirl" look is juxtaposed against the dark outfits of the novel's more gothic characters. Click through to shop the book's look.

Layered fangs and a teensy skull? Suddenly, "cute memento mori" doesn't seem like such an oxymoron.

Smile—you've just been bitten!

Blood-red lips are an obvious essential if you plan to hang with the undead.

Watch out—these stilettos come with sharp teeth.

The Boxcar Children

The serious about kids who live on a boxcar train has "old timey Americana style" down. Click through to shop the book's look.

If you like it then you shoulda put a railroad spike on it...

There's no reason you shouldn't look good while working on the railroad (all the livelong day).



This horror series was funny, too. And we love fashion with a sense of humor. Click through to shop the book's look.

Who knew creepy-crawleys could look this cool?

These remind us of a yeti. In the cutest possible way.

This ring will always be watching you.

Unquestionably the most terrifying footwear specimen we've ever encountered.

Sweet Valley High

California cool was the style game in Sweet Valley. Click through to shop the book's look.

Go team!

Blues in bloom.

We could envision goodie-two-shoes Elizabeth in these sweet, candy-colored sneaks.

Meanwhile, this hot-pink dress would be right up twin sister Jessica's alley.

Little House on the Prairie

A Laura Ingalls Wilder-inspired prairie blouse always has a place in the fashion world. Click through to shop the book's look.

We've got an inkling the Ingalls clan owned tons of chambray. Like, before people even called it "chambray."

Mary would've paired this lace collar with everything she owned.

Perfect for wearing while frolicking through the Kansas fields—or pounding the pavement wherever your travels might take you.

Anyone willing to attend a barn raising in Rodarte would earn lifelong fashion respect from us.

The teen series that seemingly started it all. By the way, how "in" is Nancy's citrine dress?

Pretty, preppy Nancy would've had a serious thing for Carven.

A trench coat's a must if you're looking to get into mischief.

For writing down all those tricky clues—stylishly.

For the detective-in-training who loves to accessorize.