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Don't Miss This Week's One-Day-Only Giveaways!

The Lucky Breaks editors’ Giveaway a Day series has kicked into high gear, and I’m really excited about all the items you have a chance to win this week, including a sweet, daisy print Marc Jacobs dress coming up tomorrow and a super-chic George Nelson clock from Design Within Reach on Friday.

Also, don’t forget that every time you enter one of our daily giveaways, you’ll be automatically reentered to win a shopping trip to L.A. and Tokyo (and you get to bring a friend)! It’s basically a non-stop shopping frenzy that includes airfare, stays in stylish hotels, and—the best part—a $3,000 Madewell gift card and $2,000 in cash! Go to luckymag.com/breaks to preview all of our upcoming giveaways, sync your personal calendar with ours and/or get daily text message reminders.


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