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Exclusive Interview with Llama del Rey

Llama del Rey Museum, Oneonta, New York

Llama del Rey is not so much an animal as a bona fide force of nature. Sure, she's had some highs and lows in the music world, but there's no denying a growing obsession among the fashion crowd. We at Lucky like to think we're part of this crowd, so we decided to catch up with the Llama of the moment. After all, we can't seem to stop singing her chart-topping lyrics, "Spitting in the old barns Walking with my four arms Living for the hay...."

Thankfully, she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions and even clear up some rumors in the romance department.

Lucky: Hi Llama, how are you doing today?

Llama: Couldn't be better. My stomachs are full and I'm about to hit 11,000 followers on Twitter today!

Lucky: A lot of people have been asking what inspired your lyrics, would you say they’re autobiographical or more of a narrative you developed on your own?

Llama: They're llamagraphical—interactions within the community, things I like to eat or smell, my friends, sweet and gentle lovers, bitter heartbreak. Stuff like that.

Lucky: You’ve probably been expecting this question, but, we have to ask...many have described your SNL performance as “career killing” or “unsatisfactory,” but we’d like to hear your take on the whole thing. Do you think it was blown out of proportion?

Llama: I just won a SPIT award in London last week. My album is charting all over Billboard. I think of Saturday Night Livestock as the opposite of career killing. It brought my name to many people's mouths that hadn't yet herd me.

Lucky: Would you care to comment on rumors of a relationship?

Llama: Yes! I'm excited to say that Barrie James O'Veal and I are happily in love. He had me at "Wool you be my Valentine?" Orgle, orgle, orgle!

Royal Archives of Monaco

Barrie James O'Veal & Llama del Rey

Lucky: Are those your real Llama lips?

Llama: I've had no work done on my snout.

Lucky: How has the Llama community reacted to your rise to fame?

Llama: There will always be llamas in your life that try to regurgitate you (I'm talking to YOU, Libby)

but there are also llamas that will be by your side no matter what size pack you're carrying.

Lucky: Did you really grow up on hip-hop?

Llama: No, I'm not a rabbit. I grew up on corn crop.

Lucky: Who would you say is your biggest competition in the music industry?

Llama: Bonny Bear. He's won a Grammy, he's trended worldwide on Twitter. It'll be hard to catch up, but llamas are pretty fast.

Lucky: Are you pro-fur, anti-fur or pro-choice-fur?

Llama: Pro-wool. Anti-fur. I'm working to pass some lawls.

Lucky: If you could wear any designer to the Grammy Awards next year, who would you wear?

Llama: Mulberry, of course! They put my name on a collection, so I'd like to put their name on my complexion.

Lucky: Any stores in particular you couldn’t live without?

Llama: Gucci Gucci, Louie Louie, Fendi Fendi, Llama.

Lucky: Thanks Llama, any parting words of wisdom for our readers?

Llama: If we were Born To Die, we should experience life to the fullest. Have fun, laugh a lot, and be spontaneous. So, the next time your friend asks, "Do you Guanaco on a trip?" all you have to say is, "Sure, Alpaca bag!"