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Fashion Chat: Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy

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Laura and Kate Mulleavy

Two days after showing their fall collection at New York Fashion Week, Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy hosted an intimate breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental, the audience filled with plenty of chatty journalists eager to ask the duo just about everything. ("How can you make an Australian inspired collection when you've never been to Australia?"; "Who are you dressing for the Oscars?"; "What exactly was George Lucas doing sitting in the front row of your fashion show?")

"Everyone’s been asking us about that!" Kate said. (Considering Rodarte's work on Natalie Portman’s Black Swan costumes, it's only natural that a big screen partnership might be looming.) "All of our friends want to know when we’re collaborating with George Lucas on a film, and we’re like, 'No, we’re just huge Star Wars fans.'"

As for the clothes that Lucas came to see on Tuesday, the sisters' fall collection was Australian-inspired, featuring shearling coats, cargo pants and aboriginal printed dresses. "We didn't need to go to Australia to do an Australian-inspired collection," Laura said. Once they catch a spark of inspiration, the sisters research it so meticulously that they probably end up with a fuller understanding of it (location, film, time period, whatever) than many seasoned experts.

So can we expect to see those fall collection gowns on anyone at the upcoming Oscars? "You never know until the last minute, when you actually see them walk out in your dress," Laura said, keeping mum.

But regardless of which celebrities choose Rodarte for that night— and we're sure there will be several— the sisters have much to celebrate. They launched footwear this season (clear Plexiglas heels with stripes of sand art inside, so cool), and they're designing costumes for an upcoming opera ("one of [their] biggest projects to date").

Beyond counting "visionary" George Lucas as a fan, "we both have fashion week birthdays," said Laura. While no one asked the girls what was on their birthday wish lists, we know one thing that's on ours: that shearling coat. It's amazing, right?

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Rodarte Fall 2012

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