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Fist Bump Lessons from Simon Doonan

via Fairchild Archive

Last night, before NYFW kicked off, a few of our favorite writers and editors gathered at the Mandarin Oriental for a dinner with Barneys New York and Simon Doonan. Conversation topics were predictable: NYFW prep, shows to look forward to and of course, what people would be wearing.

As one may imagine, Simon was the life of the party and between film history trivia (which our team completely bombed) he gave me a fist bump lesson.

First we did the generic pound, a simple fist to fist greeting. Then Simon threw me for a loop and added an explosion on to it. I haven't done the explosion fist bump since I was in college, but was happy to see Mr. Doonan was up on his game. After discussing the mechanics of the explosion, he imparted the wisdom of "the snail." For "the snail" you do the original fist bump and then right when you're about to go into an explosion, you form a peace sign (the antennae of the snail) and slowly float your fist away from your friend making a wiggling motion with your fingers.

This knowledge blew my mind. He then continued to rain fist bump wisdom by sharing one of which I sadly can't remember the name. It's a bit of a surprise attack. When your friend comes to fist bump you, you cradle the fist in your hands and give them a look of, "are you alright?" or "you poor thing, what's wrong?" and boom. Let's just call it, "The Doonan." Moral of the story: Simon Doonan is a man of many many talents.

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