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Geisha-Punk Hair And Makeup at Zac Posen!

Coco Rocha!!!

When I go to a fashion show, I want utter outlandishness. I want to see an assembly line of hairdressers hunching over the models, each one tucking the girls’ hair into a coif with origami-like precision. I want there to be a snooty person of authority barking orders backstage in a refined accent (making his biddings all the more imposing), and I want the makeup to be fantastical and weirdly gorgeous…like something from Cirque du Soleil. I got everything I asked for at Zac Posen!

Just listen to the inspiration—a Finnish-punk-haute-couture-Geisha-wealthy-lady-from-the-1930s. Translation: a full, red-orangey lacquered lip; pearlescent cheeks; and an elaborate iteration of a smoky eye. And the hair—impeccably slicked back and folded into a bun-like configuration with obelisk-like, hairspray-hardened pieces jutting out in all directions—looked like a very expensive avant garde sculpture.

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