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Go on a Shopping Bender Tonight with Lucky Senior Writer Jessica Matlin on HSN!

Creative genius often strikes in the wee hours of the morning. And by creative genius we mean discovering brilliant ways to accessorize—the “Aha!” moment when you’re suddenly able to zero in on the one piece you absolutely need to have, and the hunt begins (good luck sleeping!). If you stay up and tune in to HSN at 2 a.m. EST tonight (well, technically it’ll be tomorrow morning) our senior writer (and proud jewelry obsessive) Jessica Matlin will be serving up some Lucky-style late-night creative genius in the form of stacking rings, doorknocker earrings and layered necklaces from the icy-cool, shiveringly affordable Stately Steel collection. Jessica is making her small-screen debut as very pregnant style contributor Lori Bergamotto goes out on maternity leave—congrats, Lori!

We’ll be cheering Jessica on real-time at 2 a.m. (with plenty of Red Bull, chocolate and leftover cheese doodles from the Super Bowl) but feel free to set your DVRs instead. And the shopping bender continues at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST. Or live-stream these shows directly from hsn.com while you’re at work (we won’t tell your boss). For now, you can pre-game by checking out Stately Steel’s achingly sleek, lustrous pieces here and then we’ll see you at the party!

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