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I Love My: White Blazer

Like the French-cut, retro-inspired underwear she designs, Daphne Javitch’s personal style communicates a specific kind of sexy. “I love a smart, mischievous, not-too-girly vibe,” explains the Ten Undies founder. “Diane Keaton circa the ’70s had it right.” Javitch favors timeless silhouettes—cigarette pants, relaxed tees, pointy-toed pumps—updated with cheerful neon colors or playful mismatched prints. "My thing is recontexualized nostaligia, "she says, "and a white blazer is just that: a fresh, youthful take on a classic staple."

Rich texture breaks up the solid palette

"All white is chic for every season. The blazer ups the cool and downplays the formality of a mini cocktail dress, and the cobalt clutch adds a perfect, slightly cartoonish wink of color."

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