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I'd Like to Thank...

New York Fashion Week has ended and the fashion people are all planning trips abroad to London, Milan and Paris. As the dust settles, I'd like to shout out to the people who actually helped me get through the somewhat hectic week.

Cathy, my barista: Actually, I would like to thank all coffee shop employees because believe you me, I saw more than a few "fashion elite" wig out at the register. Calm down buddy, there are more spinach wraps to be had and there is no need to pull out the "I know it's fashion week, I'm recovering from fashion week," card. Baristas, I salute you.

Wednesday Night Cab Driver: I may have tweeted some frustrations about you. After all, not knowing that Spring is above Canal is weird, but you were a nice dude. I tipped you 20 percent, which, because of your non-existent navigation skills turned out to be $4. I wish you well with your new career. Let's also make this a blanket thank you to the cab drivers of New York City. Also, you have to let me pay with a card when I want to.

Security Dudes at Lincoln Center: I know you greatly anticipate fashion week. With so many low-maintenance types coming at you with zero ego, it must be extremely relaxing!

Just kidding. But as I left Lincoln Center last night, I was happy to see my peers wishing you a good night, saying thank you and throwing out the classic, "See you next season!" Allow me to just thank you again, you guys are real witty. Plus, one of you is a great dad and brought his daughter in to see what this whole thing is all about.

Party Hosts: Open bars are happy times!

My Wireless Provider: PSYCH! I got no service and you get no love.

The Fine Folks of Instagram: You make even the blurriest of runway shots look somewhat acceptable. For that, we thank you.

Runway No Shows: Thank you for being otherwise occupied and letting me steal your seats.

Girls with iPads: Despite looking harried and sleep deprived, you always managed a smile. I know that's what they told you to do, but it is also appreciated. Thanks for getting me all checked in.

McDonalds & Exit Art: McDonalds, thank you for being so close to NYFW venue Exit Art. Exit Art, thank you for being so close to fine foods purveyor, McDonalds. (Related: McNuggets!)

Zelda Kaplan: Thank you for existing and not slowing down. You'll be missed.

New Yorkers: The ones who have completely different lives than us fashion folk and so easily remind us that it's only fashion.

Unthanked: Street style stunters, you look a mess.