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Jenna Lyons, Ivanka Trump and Cathy Horyn Came Out for the Kimberly Ovitz Show (Can You Guess Which One I Sat Next To?)

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There I was, minding my own business before the Kimberly Ovitz show when a PR girl motioned for me to take an empty front row spot. (This is lie. I was pretty much minding everyone's business BUT my own by staring at Leandra Medine texting across the room, imagining the witty things Cathy Horyn would write in the giant notebook on her lap and eyeing several fancy-looking women, wondering where they go shoe shopping.)

Feeling like I had just won the lottery and gotten bumped to first class on a flight all at once, I took my new place—which happened to be next to the creative director of J.Crew and one of my (and Natalie's) personal style icons, Jenna Lyons. Although there was so much I wanted to say ("Dear Jenna Lyons, I love you and your company; you are the reason why I pair striped t-shirts with pencil skirts and aim for one splash of color per outfit. Oh yeah, and these pants I'm wearing? They're J.Crew!") I was completely speechless. Luckily, she was too deep in conversation with Ivanka Trump to notice my dumbfounded expression. And then the show started.

Ovitz's eerie display of darkly sexy outfits washed all thoughts of preppy blazers and colorful chinos from my mind. The models emerged between bare tree branches placed center stage, looking like witchy wood nymphs wearing wedge booties and smudgy eyeshadow. Plenty of the pieces were accented with swingy bits of pony hair that added an element of movement to the ensembles, which were predominately black and tan. The audience remained quietly transfixed by the moody presentation until the very last look—a dramatic floor length coat and matching maxi dress—disappeared backstage.

As I exited the venue and walked through the gauntlet of street style photographers, my head was still spinning from the gothic cool clothes and my brush with sartorial greatness. Did that really just happen? I'm wasn't sure, until I spotted Jenna posing in the crowd, calm admidst the snapping cameras. Yup, that was my seatmate: her neon clutch and glittery heels are unmistakable.

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