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Jessica Alba Blogs: Kid's Clothing With a Conscience

Today is Jessica Alba's last day blogging for Lucky Kids. For more eco-conscious kid's products and clean living ideas visit her e-commerce site, honest.com.

I love clothes shopping for Honor. As she gets bigger, so does her personality and I try to help her express that through fashion. Usually I do my best to avoid synthetic fabrics and chemical finishes, but sometimes I stray after finding something too cute to refuse. (Hey, no one’s perfect, right?) The most important thing is knowing what to look for.

If you're seeking safer, eco-friendly options, choose organic cotton or other natural fibers like bamboo, soy and hemp. Also, you call manufacturers to learn if they use any chemical treatments or dyes. To get you started, I've shared some recent pieces I've purchased for Honor.

What are your favorite "green" kids’ fashions?

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