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LoveSpoils.com Lets Couples Spend on Each Other By Shopping For Themselves

Instead of buying a loved one chocolates and flowers on February 14th, Evan Richter—CEO and co-founder of LoveSpoils.com—suggests signing up for his site and spending that money on yourself. Intrigued, I joined the new social shopping platform later that day. Here's what I discovered.

First, as a new member, I was asked a few questions about my relationship status (mainly: are you in one?). After answering yes, I was given the option of sharing my account or "Trustfund" with my fiancé. Doing so allows us to collectively earn "spoils", or points per dollar, for shopping. Spoils are gained by purchasing items through the website's affiliated companies, which cater to a wide range of interests. While I was excited about Shopbop and Revolve, my fiancé will gravitate toward sportier places like R.E.I. or Golfsmith. There are over thirty e-tailers to choose from and the dollar to spoils exchange rate is constantly fluctuating, with the best deals featured toward the top of the page.

When the two of us have accrued enough return on our buying, we can put the Trustfund's contents toward gift certificates. The selection is updated frequently and includes an even mix of popular stores, tasty restaurants and luxury spas. That way, if I splurge on a pair of $600 Rag & Bone boots, my fiancé can benefit by receiving one of these deals. (And vice versa. I'm totally entitled to steal those spoils for a spa day if he blows $1000 on golf clubs.) 

My experience is just one example of how you can utilize this unique shopping platform. People don't need to be married or dating to join the fun; LoveSpoils also welcomes singles and neatly handles break-ups. (In case you're wondering about those tricky logistics: each person receives the specific spoils he or she earned. Just be speedy about separating those accounts—or a vengeful ex might spend all your rewards first.)

Right now, users can start stockpiling points, but since the program is still in testing mode, they can not spend them until March 14th. However, many of the e-commerce sites are places we regularly shop, so we're happy to save up in the meantime. You can too: click here to request membership.

What do you think of this shared shopping idea? Will you join? And if you do, will you keep your account private or share it with your sweetheart?

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