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Lucky Haul: Foxy Fox

Over the past few years, Kitsuné has become one of my favorite brands. It all started when I picked up a toggle coat at Opening Ceremony, then another one, and then something else and then one more thing. Each piece is sturdy, well-made and unique in its own way. My favorite is this fox pin I ordered a few weeks ago. Multiple people have stopped me to ask about it, including fancy foreign fashion editors and folks around the Lucky office.

What can we learn from this experience? That simple accessories, like a pin—or a brooch if, you must—swiftly refreshes your existing wardrobe. Also, that foxes are incredible animals. Just look what my pin has done in a few weeks:

Played with my dogs in the snow and it didn't even snow:

Had tea with the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace:

Visited the Coliseum, the one in Rome:

He jumped through the woods:

Stopped by Big Ben:

Went to the Moon!!!!!!

See? My Kitsune fox pin can do anything. And as luck would have it, the brand is opening up its first US outpost in NYC at the end of March. Fox pins for everybody.