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Man Repeller Keeps it Casual at the DANNIJO Fashion Week Dinner

Leandra Medine, Courtesy of DANNIJO

Fashion people do eat–we swear. Well, at least they were eating at the DANNIJO Fashion Week dinner at Kingswood in the West Village last night. The jewelry designing sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder hosted 88 of their closest friends at the Aussie-themed restaurant last night to celebrate their Carlito Dalceggio-inspired collection for Fall/Winter 2012.

“He’s an incredible artist,” Danielle told me during the cocktail hour. “He has a lot of Mexican, tribal and rustic bohemian art work. I think holistically, it’s really bohemian deco. It’s meant to be day into night, there’s a lot of mixing crystals with vintage mosaic pieces, as well as corals and turquoise and a Chinese green.”

The girls opted for a downtown cool dinner party over their usual presentation format so their besties–including DJ Becka Diamond, Vena Cava designer Lisa Mayock and Leandra Medine (a.k.a. The Man Repeller)—could model the eye-catching designs their own personal way.

“I’m wearing this amazing bib chocker hybrid,” Medine excitedly pointed out. “I saw it for the first time a couple of days ago and I sort of just prayed that they’d give it to me to wear and I got lucky and they did! I love this stone design on it.”

I really liked how she layered the dramatic triple-layered crystal and blue stone piece over a longer architectural-shaped and fringed chunky pendant (signature Man Repeller)–making the necklaces the focal point of her decidedly non-Man Repelling outfit of a denim button-down layered over a grey tee and black tapered trousers. Since Fashion Week officially kicks off today, I just had to ask what the style star considered a wardrobe faux pas for attending the shows.

“I think when your look looks too contrived, it’s probably the worst thing you can do,” she said. “People assume because it’s Fashion Week, you want to pull out your big guns but ultimately you should try to look your most stylish and often stylish equals more simple.” Wait, what? Who are you?

“I shouldn’t be saying that because I’m the Man Repeller,” she said as she caught herself. “And I’m obsessed with layering and everything, but it’s true. Sometimes you're the most stylish in jeans and a t-shirt.” Touché.

Click through the slideshow below for highlights from the night.

Jodie and Danielle Snyder of DANNIJO