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Marc Jacobs Fall 2012: Mad Hatter Mashup

Marc Jacobs is unfailingly the highlight of my New York Fashion Week. With a paper pop-up set designed by friend and artist Rachel Feinstein, the pretty-much-legendary designer did what he does best by creating a whole new world that makes us think about the purpose of fashion.

Everyone's talking about the larger-than-life, Comme des Garçons-esque velour top hats—they were fun—but I'm more interested in the beautifully seamed brocade dresses, the massive wool scarves/shawls that were secured with oversized safety pins and those pilgrim shoes with the big, sparkly buckles.

Jacobs was able to pull incredibly different elements together in a magical, balanced way. (Who else can pair sparkly scarves with windowpane plaid and make it look right?) In doing so, he made us fall in love with fashion all over again.

All photos courtesy of Fairchild Archive.

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