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Meaghan Rath: Syfy's Secret Style Star

Gabriel Goldberg

While the beautiful Meaghan Rath plays a style-starved ghost on Syfy's hit show Being Human, the 25-year-old actress is anything but. On the show (a North American reboot of the BBC's immensely popular Being Human) Rath plays Sally, a ghost haunting the other two main characters' house. But in real life, Rath's more likely to haunt a sample sale in New York than a walk-up in Boston.

"I essentially wear the exact same outfit everyday on set," said Rath. "Sally wears the clothes she died in: a grey tank, under an open grey button-down cardigan, under a grey knit sweater, with grey leggings, complete with, you guessed it—grey ballet flats." But all that monotony isn't necessarily a bad thing; it forces Rath, who draws inspiration from fashion blogs like FrouFrouu ("Nadia Sarwar's style is impeccable. Her photography is so beautiful and creative. She's a stunner.") to experiment with daring fashion in her own life.

Even when Rath's just wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and a wrinkled fedora, she manages to give it a modern edge. Read more of her interview in the slideshow below:

How do you feel about what you get to wear on screen?

"I will say this—it's comfortable. I get to work in my PJs all day, but for someone like me who LOVES fashion and experimenting with personal style, it gets rather boring."

Jeff Riedel, Courtesy of Syfy

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