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Michael Kors Fall 2012: Cabin Fever

If you know me personally (hi Ray) then you know that I've got a thing for plaid, log cabins and that whole thing. I even have an axe in my apartment, just in case somebody burgles me and I need to chop them in half. So, as you can imagine, I was down with Michael Kors' Fall 2012 collection.

Right off the bat, he hit us with some buffalo plaid, which always leaves me feeling nostalgic. While images of my youth played through my head (my grandfather liked buffalo plaid), the show continued. And while the memory of Pop's plaid is wonderful, Kors took it to a more luxurious level with details of fox fur and fringe. His plaid is more for an Aspen or Switzerland bound woman, as opposed to the axe wielders of the world.

And of course, he couldn't end without giving us some classic American eveningwear. After all, somebody has to dress those celebrities. Expect to see his long-sleeved red sequined gown on a red carpet near you.