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Paul Labrecque Is The Best Spa Ever, And They Rebalance Your Chakras

Why did I take this photo?

I'm not going to lie, I had to ask to ask Jeeves about this one. I don't know what chakras are or why they ought to be balanced, but I'll try anything once. Plus, the description strung these words together: "90 minutes of euphoria." And that doesn't sound so bad? And if you're wondering whether or not this theory of energies flowing through the body, leading to bliss, is accepted by the western world—it's not, really. But there are several well-documented cases of its existence in the Far East.

What are chakras? My research (Wikipedia) shows that there are seven chakras and it's important that they not be out of wack. "The concept of chakra originates in Hindu texts, featured in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism," says Wiki. Am I the worst person ever for quoting Wikipedia in an article? The answer is yes, but at least my chakras are in perfect shape right now.

Explaining what happened during this chakra treatment might be difficult, because it was somewhat of an other-worldy experience and I was blindfolded. I can confidently say that there were more aromatherapy oils in that room than an aromatherapy oil store. And there were these crystals...

So FIRST—though everything is a little fuzzy—the lady rubbed some stress relief oil on my temples and forehead. It worked. I was straight CHILLIN. Pirkko Vaisanen, the treatment giver, told me she was very concerned with my comfort. Very nice of her, I thought. She also mentioned that when she does her thing, she gets really into her own world and doesn't talk much. Knowing that I would have to be silent for 90 minutes seemed a little scary, but I was too relaxed to speak up anyway.

She rubbed a ton of oil all over my head. If I had known prior that there would be oily substances involved, I might have opted for the colon hydrotherapy instead—not! But I don't necessarily like oils to be near my face. At this point, my head/hair was completely covered in oil. Then I was blindfolded. Then my head was wrapped in some sort super hot towel, which felt really good. Here's where I started to really drift off, but here's the gist: prolonged foot massage, more oil, hot towels, oils, crystals, more oil, touching my arms, more oil.

I'm sure it all sounds strange, but after my chakras were balanced, I felt really, really good and couldn't stop talking about how good I felt. When it's all done, you get to put on this really comfortable bathrobe and sit in a really cool white marble steam room. Way fancy. You're supposed to hang out in there for 20 minutes. The aroma therapy oils start to drip off and the whole thing just feels kind of amazing. Next up—the shower of my dreams. You guys, THIS SHOWER was too good. That shower made me want to throw out everything in my shower and replace it with my new favorite shower stuff by Epicuren. To replicate the experience, buy all of this stuff right now: Tropical Lave body wash (it smells like the beach), Brazilian Propolis Shampoo, After Bath Moisturizer, Gelle Cleanser and the Facial Emulsion Enzyme Moisturizer.

Between the treatment, the steam and a shower fit for a queen, I felt relaxed, aligned, healthy and stress free—better than I've felt in months. It's a great thing to do after all of the fashion week stress and feeling all dry from the winter. AND it makes me want to focus on health and being carefree all of the time.

Sometimes it's better to not know what you're walking into and just be pleasantly surprised. If someone had told me that my hair would be covered in lavender scented oils and weird crystals, I would have freaked out and not wanted to go. Now I'm all, "A little more oil to the dome, please! And put some more of those creepy crystals on it."

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