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Pay Pal is Lucky That I Found My Temporarily MIA Shacket

I couldn't find this shacket from Crescent Down Works anywhere, but my homie managed to locate one for me at South Willard in LA. To order it from their site, I had to use Pay Pal. I didn't even know that I had a Pay Pal account, but I guess I set it up a few years ago. I've since moved, so I adjusted the shipping information accordingly. BUT Pay Pal disobeyed my most recent amendments to my personal account information and shipped my shacket to an apartment in Manhattan that I haven't lived in for quite some time.

At this point, one could only assume that A. The package was on its way back to LA. B. the new resident of apartment 5E is walking around the village somewhere in MY shacket. Or C. It had somehow fallen off of the UPS truck near Lincoln, Nebraska and found a nice new home on a farm somewhere. Having not been satisfied with any of these options I started to make some calls. I found out that since my old address was on the Pay Pal receipt, I couldn't accuse them of mailing the shipment to the incorrect address—even though I had in fact updated it. And the store wouldn't be at fault either. (South Willard was very concerned about the loss of my purchase and was eager to help me find it. Plus, the guy on the other end of the phone sounded really hot).

Several more phone calls later, I was able to track down the superintendent in my old building, Miguel. Miguel had the package in his apartment because the resident in 5E is a lot more kind and honest than I had predicted! Finding that shacket was a wonderful miracle, but I'm still mad at Pay Pal. [ED NOTE: Ray, you've got to admit that there's a slight chance you didn't save the address in Pay Pal. But I get you.] The e-receipt that they sent out had the shipping address listed in fine print on the very bottom of the email in a font that I'd call the opposite of bold. And they give you no option to double check your information before it's purchased. It's almost like they don't mind at all if they mail things to the wrong place on a regular basis.

Has this ever happened to you? Should we create a popular uprising against the web designers at Pay Pal? Who is with me?

Also, how cool is my down shirt jacket? I'm going to layer it under and over a million different things and it's going to be the best purchase I've ever made. Even if I had to work for it. Like I told Shiona, Teen Vogue's Accessories DIrector, when she had to fight a mob of girls for her Versace x H&M baseball hat—sometimes you have to fight to look this good.

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